Take on the mutants before they take over the world


  • Huge squadrons to manage
  • Lots of tactics to deploy


  • Graphics pixelated

Not bad

In TaskForce you are the commander of an assault force that faces the threat of battle with mutant monsters from another world. The game is reminiscent of the classic TaskForce X-Com, (in fact it's almost the same game) except that in this version, you get to control a lot more soldiers - almost double that in X-Com. This means greater difficulty but also the option to create some sophisticated tactics and battle plans.

The controls are very simple and it includes accessible menus. However, the graphics in TaskForce are depressingly basic and even if you increase the resolution, the soldiers still appear very pixelated. Nevertheless, the gameplay makes up for what the graphics lack and you'll still get hooked managing your platoon as they slash through the mutant army.

A worthy successor to Taskforce X-Com let down by the fact that the graphics could have been better.

As a Taskforce Commander, you will control Taskforce team TF1 to fight exciting and terrifying enemies as you transverse a complex plot that starts with a seemingly ordinary hostage situation and ends with a thrilling climax.

This squad level turn based strategy game has an immersive 3D environment, more than 30 training and story missions and a huge variety of weapons all at your disposal!




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